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Here’s how to prepare for your first visit with us, and get started with therapy.

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We look forward to being a part of your journey to wellness.

At Direct Physical Therapy, we’re committed to ensuring that your first experience with us is as comforting and informative as possible. When you enter our facility, you’ll receive a personalized welcome and a comprehensive assessment tailored to your needs.

Our physical therapists will work closely with you to create a customized treatment plan, focusing on your unique goals and concerns. We prioritize open communication and education, ensuring you understand every aspect of your treatment. Expect a supportive, empathetic environment dedicated to your recovery and well-being throughout your journey with us.

Your safety, comfort, and progress are our top priorities as we guide you toward improved health and mobility. Welcome to a community where your healing journey is our shared mission.

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Our primary goal is to make your first visit—and every visit thereafter—a reassuring and empowering experience.


Form Completion

Meet Your Therapist

Review Medical History

Your Treatment Plan

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Take-Home Exercises

  1. Arrival

  2. Form Completion

  3. Meet Your Therapist

  4. Review Medical History

  5. Your Treatment Plan

  6. Begin Treatment

  7. Take-Home Exercises

Make an Appointment

Patient Forms

To save time at your first visit, download and complete the following forms ahead of time, and we’ll get you started even faster.

If an injury prevents you from filling out this form, please call us at 914‑964‑8169.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you take my insurance?

    Yes, we do accept insurance but plans can change so quickly these days, please call us ahead of time to verify that we accept your plan.

    • Click to see our insurance list.

      • 1199
      • Aetna
      • BC/BS
      • Cigna
      • Empire Plan
      • Emblem Health
      • Fidelis
      • MVP
      • Medicare
      • Mediblue
      • NO FAULT
      • Oxford
      • Worker’s Compensation
      • UMR
      • United Health Care
  • Do I need a prescription or referral?

    This is dependent on the type of insurance the patient has. However, if their insurance does not require a referral the patient can only be seen in NYS for 10 visits or 30 days, whichever comes first. This is called Direct Access.

  • What is done in a physical therapy session?

    On your first visit of physical therapy, you will meet with your therapist and discuss your symptoms and past medical history. There is an element of education that will be provided to help discover if activities in your daily routine are contributing to your problem. The therapist will usually apply hands-on techniques, whether it be joint manipulation, general palpitations and/or stretching. Exercises are incorporated into your session to provide you with a well rounded program to aid in your recovery. Your therapist will discuss your diagnosis and plan of care. Most therapists also provide you with a home exercise program to continue your road to recovery at home.

  • Is physical therapy going to be painful?

    Many times, the objective of physical therapy is pain relief. This can be achieved by hands-on techniques, such as soft tissue work and/or stretching; modalities such as class IV laser, electrical stimulation and/or hot/cold therapy; and/or therapeutic exercise. In some situations, physical therapy goals may require the therapist to use techniques that may be painful to achieve a greater range of motion or muscle strength.